The responsibilities of the Board of Directors of PPRA are:

  • to design a strategic vision and the activity plan of PPRA;

  • to approve the draft internal rules and regulations of PPRA which shall be established by an Order of the Minister supervising the PPRA;

  • to approve the annual draft budget proposal before it is submitted to relevant organs;

  • to examine the performance of PPRA in accordance with the plan of action and the budget;

  • to approve standard tender documents, training materials, bid evaluation formats,

  • quarterly and annual reports and standard reports used by procuring entities;

  • to decide upon the sanctions to be imposed to bidders and staff members contravening the provisions of Laws governing public procurement;

  • to approve the activity plan and financial report of the previous year;

  • to monitor the performance of the management and personnel of PPRA.

Board of Directors

1. Mr. Ndjoku Paul C. : Board Chairman
2. Mrs. IRENE Jeanpaul :Vice-Chairperson
3. Ms. Biatrice Asamba : Snr. Secretary
4. Mr. Pascal Francios : Vice Chairman/Project Director
5. Mr. Koffi BANANKU : Legal Department
6. Mr. Ferdinand Akamghe : Accountant
7.Mr. Johnson Andre : Secretary
8. Mr. Lawman Kodjo : Member