The actual structure of PPRA has a Directorate and 4 units. We describe here below the roles of each unit and give reasons for the number of staff in the unit.

1. Office of the Director General

2. Administration and Finance Unit

This unit is the leanest possible for a public institution with one officer for each major function namely except in ICT and secretariat: human resource management officer, customer care/public relations officer, accountant, logistics officer, budget officer, 2 ICT staff, 2 secretaries, front desk officer and in charge of archives and documentation.

3.Monitoring and Audit Unit

This unit is responsible for monitoring and audit functions. Monitoring involve maintaining a list of procuring entities, a list of procurement officers and a list of members of tender committees. It is also concerned with gathering data on a number of procurement indicators, analyzing and processing the data and producing the necessary reports. The monitoring staff operate from the head office, obtain most of the information from reports from procuring entities and audit teams and extensively use ICT. Audit is concerned with detailed examination of how individual procuring entities comply with the law and regulations on public procurement. This audit is carried out in 165 procuring entities (PEs) and over two 200 projects and programmes.

4. Capacity Development Unit

This unit is composed of a subunit responsible for training with training officers whose role will be carrying out training needs assessment, preparing training modules, organizing, monitoring and evaluating training programmes (most of the training shall be outsourced from training institutions). The unit also has a subunit responsible for skills enhancement. They are responsible for preparing and delivering induction training for newly appointed procurement officers (POs) and members of tender committees (TCs), on job training and coaching of POs and members ob TCs, responding to inquiries from POs and uplifting the skill levels of POs identified as weak by audits. It also has a subunit responsible for disseminating information on current laws and regulations, gathering information for updating the website, producing and distributing newsletters and information on best practice as well as organizing meetings and conferences